Dr. Brett K. Radow

My name is Brett Radow. I am a practicing optometrist in the state of West Virginia with the above referenced office locations. I graduated from Southern College of Optometry in 1980, and have practiced continuously since then. I am also a graduate of West Virginia University.

In my optometric practice, I provide a vast array of services including comprehensive eye examinations, diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases and prescribing glasses, contact lenses, medicine and other needed therapy modalities for the improvement of vision and/or eye health.

West Virginia was the first state to allow, by legislation, optometrists the right to treat eye disease. This broadening in the scope of practice for optometrists has been followed by the other 49 states who have enacted similar legislation.

In my practices, I am pleased to provide as wide a scope of optometric practice that is legally allowable in our state. Quite frequently I treat eye conditions which are complicated and potentially sight threatening, such as glaucoma. Also treated routinely are the common "pink eye" (conjunctivitis). Also treated in my offices are keratitis, blepharitis, anterior and posterior ureitis and cataracts. 

Foreign body removal and eyelid lesion removal are typical afflictions which are also part of my continued practice.