Dr. Brett k. Radow

Optometric Physician

We offer a wide variety of eye services and examinations

In my practices, I am pleased to provide as wide a scope of optometric practice that is legally allowable in our state. Quite frequently I treat eye conditions which are complicated and potentially sight threatening, such as glaucoma. Also treated routinely are the common "pink eye" (conjunctivitis). I also treat keratitis, blepharitis, anterior and posterior uveitis and cataracts. 

Foreign body removal and eyelid lesion removal are typical afflictions which are also part of my continued practice.

Eye Examinations for a Wide Range of Eyes


The determination of a corrective lens prescription for our patients is one of the most important functions of my job. It is only surpassed in importance by the determination of any presence or potential presence of eye disease in that patient.

That is why a great deal of time and emphasis in my practice is spent on the process for the determination of the corrective lens formula. Objective tests with some of the finest equipment available is used during this process. A combination of the previous lens prescription history, the current needs of the patient and the objective and subjective refraction findings all help to determine the new prescription.

All patients are given a copy of their glasses prescription.

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses have made great advances in recent years. Disposable or frequent replacement regimen lenses currently lead the market in contact lenses.

The availability of greater parameters in contact lens prescriptions has vastly increased. This has enabled the fitting of contacts on virtually any person, with any lens prescription.

The underlying retraction, lens prescription determination, is the most important starting point. Special measurements on the corneal surface are obtained. This allows the fit of a lens that will be comfortable and provide good vision.

Eye Disease



Diabetic Retinopathy

Macular Degeneration


Refractive Vision Problems

Retinal Tears and Detachment

Dry Eye

Flashes, Floaters, and Vitreous Detachments